Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Field Trip to 5 Pointz

5 Points is the largest legal space for graffiti murals in New York City. It's located at the 45th St. stop on the 7 train in Queens. These flicks show the whole class in front of the 5 Pointz Halloween production, students in front of pieces they liked, and an artist who was painting that day signing a students sketchbook. Many thanks to Meres 1 (5 Points Curator) for giving us a full tour. I couldn't have hoped for a better day!

Thoughts from Shaun

Shaun gave some very reflective anwers to my questions after we read excerpts from the book Yes Yes Y'all: The Oral History of Hip Hop's First Decade.

Character and Lettering by Rocsi

Roselyn showed extra effort in this "ROCSI" piece, adding full color to her lettering and character. In this lesson we practiced replacing a letter with a character, and this is a classic example!

Graff Art by 8th grade student Brandon

Brandon has previous skill and experience with drawing. For this exercise we focused on adding 3D and coloring to his letters, and practiced drawing characters.